Monday, 18 March 2013


Well, as you are all probably fully aware it was St Patrick's Day yesterday and for me the Guinness was certainly flowing! 

(me and my friend enjoying Guinness)

We began the night by heading to a tent which had been set up in the middle of Sheffield city centre especially for the event. By the time we got there it was already packed, some people had just come for the live music and a drink, whereas others went all out in leprechaun outfits. I wasn't able to get any photo's unfortunately, but it was certainly a sight to see. 

The bar was serving Guinness like it was going out of fashion and was offering Guinness hat's for anyone who ordered four pint's of Guinness. 

The band were playing Irish music, but combined it with new music as well, for example Valerie.

We didn't quite manage to get a hat each, and as we were all completely starving we finished our drinks and headed out back into the cold towards our favourite place in sheffield!

(the group)

Bungalows and Bears in Sheffield is completely amazing, and I promise I will do an independent blog to tell you guys all about it! It certainly deserves it's own spread on here anyway :)
We all thought we were getting a Sunday Roast to shame your mother, but when we got there, we had taken so long enjoying our Guinness that they had ran out. So we tucked into their famous burgers instead. Delicious!

After completely stuffing ourselves we danced away to the music until our feet couldn't take no more.
We began the walk home, but were admittedly very disappointed that we didn't get a hat to remember such a perfect day by, so of course, we decided to give it another shot, and....


This was honestly one of the best St Pat's day I have had, and it certainly made me realise how amazing my friends are and how much they mean to me! :)
How did you guy's spend your irish day? 


  1. i love these kind of posts, looks like you had a great time xx

    1. thanks, I did! Hopefully I will have a similar post soon! :) xx