Wednesday, 6 March 2013

For people who like cake...

Well, Fancie is a recent discovery for me, and one I am extremely glad I made, (Apparently my free time at university can be put to good use).

For me, the discovery was made in the recently opened shop on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield, which is their newest shop, and after having one of THE BEST cupcakes of my life I rushed home to find their website and see what other flavours they had on offer and see whether they had any other shops.

(these are the cakes me and my friends got in the shop located on Ecclesall Road, they are the Banoffie, chocolate and Rasberry and Almond cakes, YUM. I also completely fell in love with the plates!)

From their website I was happy to learn that they also had a shop in Winter Gardens, which is a beautiful little spot in Sheffield. Winter Gardens, for those of you who don't know, it is basically a glass house filled with plants from all round the world. It also has galleries, coffee shops and a range of different facilities and looks like this...
(who wouldn't want to indulge in a sugary piece of heaven surrounded by this?)

Me and my best friend arrived wide eyed and starving. In a matter of seconds we found what we were searching for...
(we certainly treated ourselves)

(the cake on the left is carrot and MINE, and my friend Sam went for the Rasberry and almond one)

As you can see, although it's not the best picture, the cakes are simply to die for and we made rather a lot of mess on the bench to say we were eating such a little cake.

(me on the left and Sam)

Although the little shop in Winter Gardens appeared to just offer their selection of cakes, Fancie's menu doesn't stop there, they also offer a range of savory food which also looked delicious. Unfortunately, due to being so mesmerized by the cupcake I had in front of me I forgot to take a picture, or note down any of their other available items, but I guess that just gives you an excuse to go and investigate for yourself doesn't it?

For me, this place is perfect for a sugary treat and a nice catch up with my girls, but seen as Mothering Sunday is coming up (Sunday 10th March guys don't forget!) I think it would be the perfect place to treat her to afternoon tea. Unfortunately Fancie is a Sheffield based independent bakery, but if you're around it is definitely worth a try! 

here is a link to their website if you fancy it ;) 

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