Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dinner Party.

At University I have found that it can be really easy to lose touch with friends along the way. People who were once a constant in your life can suddenly no longer be there anymore and you find yourself texting them, or receiving texts like 'hey, i've not seen you in months!'
Unfortunately, when I moved back to uni after summer I found myself slipping into the same trap, so over the past couple of months me and my friends have been taking it in turns to host a dinner party. It has been lovely having a little double date every so often.
 Last night it was my turn to cook, and I have to admit I was pretty nervous. Don't get me wrong, I can cook (to a certain extent), but cooking for four people, with everything needing to be complete at the same time (and everything to still be hot at the end) was a little daunting for me. 

I am going to share what I cooked with you, with a little step by step guide, but I am sorry for the photos as my camera is broken at the moment so I only have my phone. 

I decided to go for a simple recipe, that was still delicious (and of course sounded much harder to make than it was)...

Tagliatelle in a lemon and white wine sauce with squid and scallops.

For this you will need (for four people): 

1 jar of lemon juice

2 onions

1 bottle of white wine


tagliatelle pasta


squid rings 

(for the squid and the scallops I just went to my local market and asked them for an amount that they thought would be enough for four people) 

The first step is the easiest, and one none of you will struggle with (hopefully anyway). Just place about eleven of the pasta balls into a pan with boiling water, and a little drop of olive oil so it doesn't stick together and throughout the cooking process just keep stirring it and checking on it to see when it's cooked. (see I told you that bit was easy... now the fun begins...)

Start by dicing the onions as small as you can. Don't worry too much about this, I ended up slicing my finger open in a panic trying to get it perfect and that's something I don't recommend. Just make sure that there aren't big chunks of onion, and that should be fine.

Then get a saucepan and place it on the hob on a high heat with a knob of butter. My hob at uni is an electric hob and is not the best so I put it on '6' (which is the highest for mine). Just keep stirring the onions with a spoon until they have cooked, then add the white wine (about a glass full, maybe two) and a drizzle of the lemon juice.

Add seasoning, (I just added pepper as I don't like to add salt to my cooking, but you could also add some mixed herbs) and leave it to reduce to about half the amount, stirring occasionally. 

The next bit is really easy and you will probably be as surprised as me. Whilst the white wine is reducing place a frying pan on the hob (again at high heat) with a knob of butter and drop the squid rings into the pan. It will only take a minute to cook, just keep stirring it so none of it burns. Then remove from the pan and add to the onion and white wine reduction.

For me, it was around this stage that the pasta was finished, so I drained it, seasoned it with some pepper and added a knob of butter. After stirring that in, I added it to the white wine and squid mixture. 

I then stirred it to make sure all the pasta was coated and served it. 

Once I had finished serving I repeated the same method I used to cook the squid for the scallops and placed them on top of each serving. 


and it went down a treat...

I think I caught him at a bad time... don't you?
 We spent the rest of the night all cuddled up on the couch, drinking wine, watching The Butterfly Effect and eating sweets. Perfect right? 

Love Em.


  1. i feel like i can imagine how this dish tasted, my boyfriend cooks a lot of very good pasta dishes with very similar ingredients :D

    1. It is honestly delicious, so light and not overpowering as I find some pasta dishes can be! x