Monday, 24 February 2014

Valentines Date

As some of you may know, being a student at University has its difficulties, especially regarding money, so when valentines day came around me and the man decided to do it on a budget, whilst still treating ourselves. 

We spent the day flitting between lectures and exchanging gifts, and as the day continued I was spoilt rotten with surprise love letters, confetti hearts and amazing presents.

As the sun began to set and night-time came upon us I was told to dress up because we were off out for the treat section of our night. I went for subtle heels, high waisted quilted shorts, (with tights of course because it was chilly night), and a sheer shirt with subtle and natural looking makeup.  

We headed into Sheffield for cocktails and we were amazed when one of them arrived in an old oil can!

Perfect cocktails at The Great Gatsby.

They were honestly both delicious and went down rather quickly... too quickly maybe. 
The Great Gatsby is a brilliant little bar in Sheffield serving delicious cocktails (and the food doesn't look too bad either). I have searched the internet high and low to find the cocktails we ordered, however I have been unable to find them. But I guess that gives me an excuse to go back and have more just so I can grab a cheeky photo of the menu for you guys. However they do have a website if you want to check it out, although I am not sure how up to date it is...

After a couple of cocktails we strolled (or stumbled) home hand in hand ready for the second half of our date night, and it was certainly a delicious second half, don't you think...

My Masterpiece 

We hand-made every part of this pizza, and it was so good (and so cheap and easy) that I will post the recipe as soon as I can so that you can have a go for yourself. 
If you are stuck for something to do for a date or even something fun for a girly night in, I think this is perfect! We had so much fun making it, even though it did turn into a little competition, which although he doesn't like to admit it, I won. 

His Masterpiece

The night was finished by cuddling into each other on the couch, burying ourselves in a blanket and watching a film called 'Easy A'. 
A perfect finish to a perfect day, hope you enjoyed yours too!

Love Em.

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