Sunday, 16 March 2014

Date Night.

I love being in a relationship, but sometimes I just wantNEED a night with my girls.
Last night was one of them times...

We decided to head to one of our favourite places in Sheffield; Bungalows and Bears.
I have loved this place ever since I moved to Sheffield and have been desperate to blog about it but always managed to forget my camera, well not this time!
I am lucky enough to be friends with amazing girls who are also bloggers; Lauren from Little Lauren's Blog, Sam from Samantha-Leigh and Laura (who is yet to launch hers).

The food is delicious and is served until 10pm, which is handy for us as even though we said we would set off at 7:30pm we only ended up getting there at 9... oops. But we had to get ready right?
When we arrived we were taken back at just how busy it was. Well we knew it would be busy, but this was a whole new level! We debated whether to go to somewhere else, but decided that we were all craving burgers and it was worth the wait.
Luckily as we began searching for a table two girls were just leaving and we managed to grab it without having much of a wait; which was perfect because we were starving.

We grabbed a menu and began the difficult decision process...

I told you it was a difficult process, look at their concentration...

After the important process of ordering was out of the way we tucked into our drinks. Me and Sam opted for a bottle of rosé to share, but Lauren was a little bit more adventurous and made us all jealous with her cocktail...

We got lost in conversation, filling the room with our laughter. It was so nice to have a massive girly chat without the boys huffing, puffing and rolling their eyes next to us. But it wasn't long before our food arrived and it quickly shut us up as we indulged ourselves.

Me and Sam went for the pulled pork and chilli jam burger. I knew I was going to order this before I walked through the door, it's so delicious and the chilli jam gives it a nice subtle kick; without blowing your mouth off.

I have to admit though, I was tempted by the 'Ruby Jeans Fried chicken' which is soaked in milk overnight and then rolled in their secret spice before being fried to perfection but just look at all that pulled pork goodness...
(There were no regrets)

Laura opted for the chorizo and grilled halloumi burger and was more than pleased with her choice, if you can tell.

And Lauren went for the classic burger which was also well received.
Even though we were full to the brim we couldn't resist the dessert menu and compromised by getting two and sharing. Desserts go into a separate stomach though right?

We ordered chocolate chip cookie & ice cream sandwich with whipped cream and strawberries:

 As well as the chocolate brownie with vanilla pod ice cream:

We dived in and after a battle with our spoons and forks the desserts were gone within minutes and we were left with very full stomachs...
But very large grins.

The gossiping continued as we settled into our seats to ease our very full stomachs and finish our drinks before the night continued.
After every drop was consumed, we headed into town to Revolution de Cuba for cocktails and to meet the rest of our friends to party the night away...

After a while maracas were handed out throughout the bar which were maybe enjoyed a little too much...

We stumbled home with full bellies and aching jaws - from all the laughter.
I am so lucky to have such amazing friends.

Love Em.


  1. Those desserts were just amazing, we need to go again sometime soon! I can't stop laughing at the photo of me, you and sam laughing hahaaa

  2. Your blog looks really cool! Looks like you had fun! :)

  3. Looks like so much fun :). The desserts look delicious :)

    1. They were delicious! We were so full afterwards! x

  4. It was a great night! Those burgers are beyond amazing! Great night girls :)