Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide.

1. Cleanse and Polish, 2. Flowers, 3. Jo Malone, 4. Beach Hut Mug, 5. Cava
I don't know about you, but for me Mothering Sunday can be a bit of a nightmare. 
Don't get me wrong, I love my mum, and I agree that she deserves a treat and a thank you for all the hard work she puts in, but for me, picking the perfect present that represents that is extremely hard work.

I love treating her, but I always want to make sure that whatever I get her, it's perfect.
This year however I feel a lot more prepared thanks to reading all your blogs! So I thought I would share the inspiration that you shared with me, but with my own twist...

1. Skincare.

*Photo sourced from Liz Earle*
Most mums, (especially mine) appreciate a good product for their skin. It's like they become mums and suddenly think they are wrinkly and need the 'perfect product' to prevent that. I can't agree that the wrinkle issue is a problem for my mum (although I am sure she will argue with me to great lengths about this). But anyway, in an effort to try and prevent all the skin troubles that come with age she enjoys treating herself to expensive makeup (like Chanel) and the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser.
I have tried this cleanser myself and I think it is amazing! It has a gentle formula that is suitable for all skin types for all ages (so it isn't a product just for oldies) and is ideal for both morning and night use. The 100ml pump starter kit is priced at £14.75 and is well worth every penny; perfect for when you want to treat her, but don't exactly have the money to do so. 

2. Flowers.

*Photo sourced from Interflora*
I think flowers are a perfect gift for Mother's Day, especially if you are a student and on a budget. I love the bright feminine colours of this bouquet, which I think creates the perfect 'Thank You' bouquet for mother's day. 
This bouquet is on the slightly pricey side of £34.99, but as the delivery information on the website informed me, the flowers are hand picked by expert florists and can also be gift wrapped with a personal message, (which I think is brilliant, especially for us students who can't make it home for the weekend).

If you can't push the budget out that much though (I know I can't, even though I am IN LOVE with this bouquet) Aldi also do some beautiful flowers, ranging from just £2 to £5. 

*photo sourced from Aldi*

These would go perfectly with a box of your mums favourite chocolates or treat!

3. Candles.

*photo sourced from Jo Malone*

I know in my family getting a present from Jo Malone is a treat, and is always appreciated. Even my dad appreciates a nice smelling candle from here (girly I know, but if you have smelled these candles you would understand). They smell divine, but aren't overpowering, the perfect combination if you ask me. 
The set in the picture contains a Lime Basil & Mandarin Travel Candle (60g) and a Red Roses Soap (100g) and is priced at £34.00 (so now you understand why it is a treat). Although it is on the pricey side, the candles do last longer than your average high street candle, but I have to admit, I haven't tried their soap collection (yet).

If this collection is too pricey for you, other shops are also doing candle collections which are just as lovely. Try and go for a smell that you know your mum already has or (if like me you have no idea) go for one you like or is a neutral smelling one. 

4. Tea glorious tea.

*photo sourced from not on the high street*
Every time I go home to visit my mum, one of the things I look forward to is a good cup of tea. 
My mum is known for making a great cup of tea and we love to have a good catch up about everything I have missed whilst at uni over a good cup. 
My mum also loves all things nautical, so these personalised mugs would be perfect for my mum and are only £20. 
I would say if you are really struggling for a present, think of something that you enjoy doing together and get a present to do with it... easy. has some lovely ideas on their website and I would definitely say it's worth a look.

5. Champagne and Truffles.

*photo sourced from M&S*
What woman doesn't like receiving a bottle of Champagne with Marc de Champagne Truffles? Your mum will probably also pop the cork open on the day and share it with you, so you will end up clinking glasses together over a nice film. 
Well that's how I would enjoy it anyway.
This set from Marks and Spencer's is only £25 and I think it's a perfect treat.

6. Take her out.

My final option is a simple one. Take her out and treat her, maybe book a table at her favourite restaurant, or if you can't afford that go to a local tea shop and get some tea and cake together. When I am at uni one of the thing my mum says she misses the most about me being away is just having a girly chat. 
Going out together for something to eat or a piece of cake gives us the perfect opportunity to talk about whatever we want without my seven year old sister pestering us.
Every mum will appreciate receiving some time with just you and her.

Well thats it, my little gift guide to mother's day. 
I obviously haven't included what I am actually getting my mum (as she does like to read my posts), but I am so excited to give it to her.
What are you getting your mum?

Hope this helped, 
Love Em.


  1. Oh, lovely photos. I have no clue what I am getting her yet.
    xx, Michelle

  2. My mothers top pick would be wine!
    Lovely post.