Monday, 24 March 2014

Spontaneity and two C's

After spending nearly a week in bed, feeling very sorry for myself (as I was very poorly), I decided to spend my Friday night burying myself in my duvet and cuddling into my boyfriend watching films. That was exactly what I did and I loved it.

I needed to make sure that I was well for Saturday as I had to be up and at work for half eight in the morning (sigh).
I was ready to collapse by the end of the day, and as soon as I got home and read some of your blogs to cheer me up (thank you!), I slipped into the perfect nap. I awoke to my amazing boyfriend at my bedside with a fresh cup of tea and a big smile (what more could you ask for?). He had a night planned with his friends, so I had stocked up on chocolate and a glass of wine (or two) ready for a night of watching girly films, but my night didn't quite go as planned...

After taking all my makeup off and clambering into bed I received a text off my brother (who I very rarely hear from, never mind see) saying that he was in Sheffield and was wondering if I would like to meet him for a drink.
I have to admit, I debated whether to go or not as I still wasn't feeling great, but spontaneous nights are always the best right? 
So I jumped out of bed and got all dressed up (and reapplied my makeup of course) and ran out the door within fifteen minutes and headed to Bamboo Door to meet him for cocktails.

Bamboo Door is a new cocktail bar that has only recently opened and is co-owned by one of my brothers friends. I arrived and was greeted by the smiling faces of my brother, his wife and their friends (including the owner) and had a delicious cocktail ready and waiting for me. 
I wasn't very organised and only had my phone on me, so I apologise for the lack of photos (and the bad quality of the ones that I do have), but being in Bamboo Door felt like being on holiday. 
The walls are covered in bamboo and the bar itself is set up like a tiki bar (with a straw roof and everything).

The menu ranges from classic cocktails (such as zombies) to unique and unusual ones such as one named after the bar. We spent the night having a good taste of as much as the menu as we could...

One of the main things I loved about this bar (apart from the actual cocktails themselves) is the cups they are served in, they add to the whole hawaiian theme and I think they are part of the fun of having cocktails. 
The wackier the cup, the more fun the cocktail. 

The cocktails were also followed by a couple of celebratory glasses of champagne which were toasted to the success of the bar. 

My boyfriend came to meet us after a while and we headed to the next venue to dance the night away, and it was at this point that my phone was completely forgotten about.

I woke up on Sunday morning unable to remember what time I actually made it to bed, but was greeted by the sun blazing through my window and feeling nice and fresh (to my surprise).

So I text the girls and we got ready to head into town for the two C's that I was desperate for; Coffee and Cake.
We arrived at Patisserie Valerie and were overwhelmed by the choice, but Sam and I could not resist the look of this lemon cheesecake... 

And paired with a gingerbread latte, I was in heaven. Not as much as Lauren though, who opted for a hot chocolate brownie with vanilla pod ice-cream... (she always manages to make me jealous!)

 Just look at all that chocolatey goodness!

After spending far too long in the coffee shop gossiping, Sam and I got our desserts boxed up (as we just couldn't finish them) and headed back home to spend the rest of the night preparing for uni the next day and watching 47 Ronin (which I would say is definitely worth a watch).

How did you guys spend your weekend?
I hope you had fun!
Love Em.


  1. Oh, sounds like a fabulous weekend.
    That food and the drinks look fabulous.
    xx, Michelle

    1. It was, the drinks were a nice treat! :) xx