Monday, 3 March 2014

The Big Jig and a cup of tea...

Well if I am honest my weekend started perfectly, I can imagine you all reading this expecting me to say that I did something really exciting, but if I'm honest I didn't (sorry to disappoint). I spent my Friday night cuddled into my man watching a film and drinking a glass of wine, and it was bliss. 

I think many of you will agree with me, that sometimes just staying in, relaxing and getting lost in a film can be just perfect.

Saturday however, now that's a different story. 

My friend's boyfriend has recently moved away from uni, so whilst she could she has been spending a lot of time visiting him before it becomes more difficult. She spent this weekend here though, and we took advantage of both being free (for once) and headed into town for a bit, a lot of retail therapy. 
We spent so much of the day catching up on everything that we actually almost forgot to shop. I did say almost however, as she came away with a beautiful skirt; ready for her holiday to Abu Dhabi. All I bought was this little postcard; the message was so cute that I couldn't resist...

Although, I did fall in love with a skirt from H&M, but they didn't have it in my size *sob*.

We got so caught up shopping that we completely lost track of time and had to rush home to get ready for the night ahead. 
My boyfriend's friend is studying events management, and as part of her course she had to set up a charity event. The event was called The Big Jig and it was an Irish themed night which was raising money for The Cathedral Archer Project which is a charity that works with the homeless community in Sheffield and aims to help them rebuild their lives. 

You know those moments in life where you are laughing so much that your cheeks ache yet you cannot stop laughing? For me this event was one of those moments. 
The effort that was put into it was amazing and I had a fantastic time. The food and cocktails were all irish themed and my entire group of friends got drunk, merry on a cocktail called Shamrock Shaker. We went for the sour version and it was delicious!

The night was spent learning traditional Irish dances to Irish music and laughing all night at each other (as none of us were very good!)

Once the event ended we then stumbled to a local bar and danced the night away with even more cocktails and maybe a few too many lemon drizzle shots...

and the rest... (oops)

I am not going to lie, I woke up on Sunday feeling... well let's say a little worse for wear. So I spent the day drinking lots of cups of tea and reading all of your amazing blog posts, so thank you for aiding my recovery!

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend.
Love Em. 

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