Sunday, 9 March 2014

There's no place like home.

As I have said before, and I will probably say many times again, I love living in the city. But the luxury of a weekend at home is something that I sometimes crave. 
With the mixture of birthdays and the arrival of a new baby into the family, I have honestly been desperate to get my feet on home soil.

My journey home was a bit of a disaster- with my first train being late, causing me to miss my connection, so I had to wait in the train station for an hour before my next train arrived... urgh. But I was not going to let it dilute my excitement and time flew by due to this little gem...

oh, and not forgetting my boyfriend :)

As soon as we got home me and the man then had to rush to get ready for the night ahead. 
I think everyone has that one friend who they have grown up with and is there for them no matter what. Mine turned 21 and on Friday and I was so excited to share the celebrations with her. It feels like only yesterday that we were little and spending our summers together on camping trips and paddling in rivers. 

The night was fantastic.
I spent it catching up with old friends, drinking cocktails and singing happy birthday very loudly and possibly out of key... But I was a bit tipsy, drunk so I think I can be let off a little.

On Saturday morning we woke up to the amazing smell of bacon, sausage... the full works. I am sure the students out there reading this will appreciate why this is such an incredible smell to me. It is such luxury at uni to have bacon, never mind the full works. 
After breakfast, me and the man were whisked off to spend the rest of the weekend with my dad and on the way to the house we stopped for a little surprise...

To meet little baby Mason, who is completely beautiful! He is the most laid back baby I have ever met. I was going to fill this post with photos of him for you all to ogle at, but out of respect for his amazing parents I am going to have to restrain myself (sorry!). 

Afterwards we headed into town and I treated my dad to a glass of Prosecco with an added drizzle of strawberry liqueur to celebrate his birthday. I am not going to feed your curiosity and announce his age, (trust me I would be nosy too) but I honestly think he would kill me. We then all cuddled into the couch and tucked into a Chinese before exhaustingly heading to our beds ready for the night ahead. 

Sunday was one of the days I was most excited for! I have been so excited to finally show my boyfriend where I live and introduce him to some of my favourite places. 
We spent the day having a mooch around the shops, doing afternoon tea and walking along the river with our pockets full of sweets. Perfect! 

How have you guys spent your weekend? 
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed mine. 

Love Em.


  1. Awesome post beautiful images love so much going on at once baby arrival birthday pretty cool. Firmoo giveaway on my blog welcome to join.

    1. Thank you :) hopefully the photos will get better once my camera is up and running :)

  2. Ooooh look at all those cakes and beautiful landscapes. I totally agree with you, there really is no place like home xo