Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Time to help.

One of my closest friends at uni has decided that she is sick of having her hair long. Summer is approaching us (and if you ask me it needs to hurry up) and in an effort to stay nice and cool she decided it was time for her long hair to go.
Then it dawned on her... if she is having so much of her hair cut off, (her hair stops about half way down her back and she is cutting it to shoulder length) why not do it for charity?

I am going to let her take over and describe who she is supporting and why...

Hello! My name is Samantha!
So I have very curly hair which gets everywhere... Literally!! I am constantly moving it out my face and apologising for it blowing in other peoples faces! So it's time for it to go!!
For a while now I have wanted to cut my fairly long hair for two reasons...
1. So it's ready for summer to keep nice and cool 
2. I have been growing my hair for so long and my goal was to have it about half way down my back, which I have now achieved 
so it's time to cut it off!!
I heard about the little princess trust through someone who does youtube videos and is doing the same thing. They are a charity that take hair and use it to make wigs for children who have had cancer and chemotherapy and as a result have lost their hair. So for me, I thought if I am having lots of hair cut off... Why not give it to people who need it way more than me! 
But not only did I want to give my hair to the Little Princess Tust, but I also want to get sponsored to do it. I have decided to choose a charity that I know something about and is a little more close to home. 
The macmillan cancer support charity...
They are are charity caring for patients and their families who have been diagnosed with cancer. They offer a range of different support from nurses visiting people in their home, helplines, to giving advice to people on how to manage finances whilst ill, but also helping with telling loved ones that someone has cancer. 
I have known about Macmillan for a long time. My grandad died from cancer when I was around 13 and he and the family were cared for by macmillan nurses and staff. My mom has also organised Macmillan coffee mornings with her work for many years.
There are links at the bottom to both the little princess trust and Macmillan so please have a look at their work 
I am planning to do this just before the Easter holidays (aiming for the week of 7th April) and my aim at the moment is to raise around £300. I would be so so grateful to anyone who can give any amount, as I know it will go a long way to help continue the amazing work and support Macmillan offer. 
I will be writing a blog about my progress throughout and I am panning to film it being cut off for everyone to see. 
Please follow the link to the just giving page and follow the instructions 
Thank you everyone for supporting me!! 

So there you have it, please give as much or as little as you can to help her.
Here are the links she mentioned...

Love Em. 

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