Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Dave's Very Berry Messy Pudding.

This dessert is amazing!
Especially if you are a student on a budget or don't want to spend a fortune satisfying your sweet tooth. Well this will certainly satisfy it...

This recipe only contains four ingredients, and I bet that you already have two of them in your cupboard!
I love this dessert and me and my little sister get so excited when Dave says he has got the ingredients. I begged him to tell me where he got the recipe from, but he said he couldn't reveal his secret sources, so we have just named it Dave's Very Berry Messy Pudding, and it contains...

1. Mixed Berries 
2. Custard
3. Cake 
4. Sugar
(and a sprinkle of icing sugar on the top, but this is optional)

To start get a big bowl and layer it with cake, we always use Madeira cake as we think it works best (and we can usually get it on offer!)

Dave looking more than happy with his special offer cake...

My sister always gets the job of layering the bowl (not that I'm jealous or anything)...

Make sure the cake goes all round the edges and layers the bottom just like the photo shows.
Next, place the frozen berries into a frying pan and pour water into it and place on high heat on the hob. 

The next bit is the good bit!
As the water comes to a boil sprinkle the sugar over your berries. Feel free to use as little or as much as you like, we use quite a lot because we all have a massive sweet tooth, but the less you put, the more of a tang in the taste.

and keep stirring...

Once the berries are finished (they will be all soggy and soft and the water will have reduced by a large amount), pour the berries into the bowl and over the bread. 

Then crack open that beautiful tin of custard and pour it all over that berry goodness...

Then sprinkle on the icing sugar and serve.

We like to eat it straight away as it's nice and hot, it's usually gone in one serving, but this dessert is also nice cold.

Are you going to try it?
Hope you enjoy!
Love Em.


  1. This looks amazing! Definately will be trying it asap, thanks for sharing! Xx

    1. You definitely should! Let me know what you think! :) xx