Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mother's Day: Part One.

I love my mum, and if you have read my previous post; Mother's Day Gift Guide, you will probably know I think the world of her and I was so excited to spend a weekend celebrating the fact that she is my mum!

The weekend began like all great weekends do (well in my opinion anyway), a good old shopping trip! I asked my mum to come and meet me in Manchester as I wanted to spend the day together (just me and her, which is rare) and treat her to something she has been going on about for a while... 
But I am getting ahead of myself now, so back to shopping...

We wondered aimlessly around the shops, so lost in conversation that we gave up pretending to look and grabbed a coffee at Starbucks instead. We sat there for hours catching each other up on all the gossip that I had collected from Sheffield and everything from home. But it wasn't long before our stomachs began making such a racket that we decided it was time to silence the beast and get some food. 

Mum knew exactly where she wanted to go, so after a quick use of google maps, (and a naughty mooch around Cath Kidston) we arrived at The Oast House

Due to it being such a lovely day on Saturday, The Oast House was heaving, we debated whether it was worth even trying to eat here or just go somewhere else, but after wandering in at the perfect time as a couple was just leaving (I have a habit of doing that) we were so glad we decided to stay. 

We mooched through the menu, which I completely fell in love with as it was all hand drawn, and wondered over to the bar to make our order and treat ourselves to a cheeky drink whilst we waited.

Mum went for the Chicken Hanging Kebab, which as the menu describes it is 'sopped with sweet chilli and ginger' mmmm delicious right?
I have to admit, when it arrived I was extremely jealous that I didn't choose it myself...

I zoomed in just to make your mouth's water a little bit more...

When it arrived the waiter asked mum if she would like them to pour the garlic sauce over it, and of course she said yes (well actually it was more like "oooooo yeah!") and we sat there in awe as it dribbled down the meat and coated the chips below.
But then mine arrived, and I was so glad I stuck with my initial choice. If you are a regular reader of this blog you will probably already know my love for burgers, and this one was no exception...

The meat was cooked to perfection (still a bit pink on the inside, mmmm) and the Oast House Salsa which was on it was to die for.
I was officially a happy lady, which was enhanced when the Mustard seed & Red cabbage Coleslaw arrived...

The table soon fell silent as me and mum gorged ourselves on the meal and layered each chip with the coleslaw.
After we had finally finished it was time for the main event, the place that I had been so excited to take my mum to all week, so we finished our drinks and I guided her over.
Luckily, it was literally just across the road, (coincidental, but I pretended to my mum that I had it all planned out from the start.)

 The Alchemist is an amazing cocktail bar, but it is also a restaurant, but if you want food I would definitely book as the place was packed! My mum has been desperate to try their cocktails and was so excited when I brought her in that she grabbed the menu and immediately began searching for the creation she wanted to try. 

We decided that picking a drink each and sticking to that choice would probably not be beneficial for us, so we decided to pick them together and just share. 

My mum chose one called Rosebud which contained Beefeater gin, rose liqueur, lemon juice and sugar and was served in little milk bottles with dried rose buds mixed in, (which my mum was more than impressed with!)

My cocktail was the White Chocolate Rasberry Bakewell which is basically perfection in a cup. It contains raspberry vodka, raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice and their new white chocolate foam. 

Personally I preferred the Rasberry Bakewell one, but my mum seemed to enjoy the Rosebud one more, so I guess it's just down to personal preference.

It was then my turn to treat mum and I had already chosen the perfect two cocktails.
The first choice was one called Caramelised Rum Punch, containing demerara sugar and Santa Teresa Rhum orange which is set on fire and caramelised with nutmeg, cinnamon, lime juice, Appleton VX, watermelon syrup and pineapple juice (YUM). 
The second one is a go to cocktail for me and I like to try them whenever I go somewhere that serves cocktails...
The Zombie. 
But this one is The Alchemist's zombie and is named Dead Red Zombie, but it was the description that intrigued me...
"Guaranteed to put some sparkle in your life with our secret ingredient, this is a blend of El Dorado 3 Year, Santa Teresa Rhum orange and wray and nephew with fresh juice and some spice. Most zombies you find our on fire, ours has smoke without fire!" 
Intriguing right?

The way they made them was amazing, I had to keep reminding myself to close my mouth.

For the Caramelised Rum Punch they got a mini bunsen burner out with a mini pan and began melting everything in front of me...

Then after the zombie was made they dropped something into it (me and mum agreed that it must have been dried ice) but anyway, the drink began smoking in front of me... 
yes smoking!

My mum was so happy with my choices and we spent so long enjoying them and gossiping that we couldn't stop laughing when we checked the train times and realised that we had missed our train...
So another round of drinks then?
Why not, it is Mother's Weekend after all (well that was our excuse!)

I chose one called Cereal Killer, which contained Martell cognac, Barenjager Honey liqueur, Vanilla liqueur lengthened with milk and cheerios sprinkled on top!  

Yeah you read that right... Cheerios.

I sent my mum to make the order this time so when she wandered back she had no idea what she had ordered, but it looked and tasted good.

 After finishing our drinks we ran for the train and collapsed on the couch feeling very happy with ourselves, before wandering up to bed ready for the day ahead. 
But I will tell you more about that tomorrow...
Love Em. 

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  1. Wow! The Oast House looks so cute and those cocktails at The Alchemist (especially the the Raspberry Bakewell one) look amazing, I definitely need to go there! Looks like you had a great weekend with your mum and I can't wait to read part 2 :)