Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dipping our toes in the ocean at Culdaff beach.

Sun, sea, sand (and a cheeky couple of glasses of wine), what more could a girl ask for?

I have absolutely loved being in Ireland, and I am so glad that the sun came to say hi for the week I was there, as I honestly expected it to rain... constantly. 

We jumped on the plane on Monday night, meaning that we only arrived in Ireland late and by the time we travelled all the way to Feeny (which is where we stayed) I was exhausted and ready to curl up in bed. So that is exactly what I did, after I had filled my stomach with food of course.

I woke up on tuesday morning with the sun blazing through the gap in the curtains feeling extremely excited as today we were going to the beach!
You know that feeling you get as a child when you are on holiday and your parents tell you that you are going to the beach?
That is the only was I can describe to you how excited I was.
Can you blame me?

The beach was so beautiful, and the sun was so warm that I honestly felt like I was in Spain or somewhere.
We slipped our shoes and socks off, rolled up our jeans and ran down the sand dunes leaving a spray of sand behind us heading straight for the water...

But quickly regretted it as I discovered it was absolutely freezing...
Guess I wasn't in Spain after all.
So I slipped my coat back on as the wind picked up, but nothing could remove the smile from my face...

My boyfriend was a lot braver than me and seemed to be quite happy paddling away...

So I just stuck to taking photos of the amazing view that Culdaff beach had to offer.

After a while of messing around trying to splash each other, and posing for a silly photo or two...

We went back to the dunes, pulled out a blanket and had a sunbathe with his parents and brother.
I could not have been happier, it was the perfect start to what was an amazing holiday!

With our bellies rumbling we packed up the car and headed back to his uncles house in Feeny and prepared for an exciting day in Derry...

Love Em.


  1. Beautiful pictures :) x

    1. Thank you! :) I will have a look at your blog now :) x

  2. Nice beach photos, girl! Hope you had a good time ! Xoxo Rubideux