Sunday, 18 May 2014

Preparation and protection...

Today my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend were flying out to join us. So we decided to not travel too far away and head to Derry for a spot of sightseeing...

We wandered over the Peace Bridge and fell right into the seats outside of the guild hall cafe.
I would definitely recommend this cafe if you are visiting Derry and you should definitely get the shortbread; it's delicious!

After refuelling, we headed into the guild hall to have a look at the stained glass windows, and they were beautiful!

But I have to say, this one was my favourite...

This window was created to commemorate the victims of Bloody Sunday.
We wandered around the display that was in the guild hall, which unfortunately I was asked to not take any photos of. But it was about the history of Derry and I would definitely recommend going in, and it's free!

After a quick steal of the mayors chair, we wandered outside and  I was greeted with my first sight of the wall, and a floor full of fountains...

I loved walking a long the wall! The sun was warming my face (although from these photos you wouldn't think so) and the view was breathtaking.

The Guild Hall.

The walk along the wall is really lovely and there are signs all along it filling you in with little snippets of history which I liked to take my time and read (to my boyfriends annoyance).

After the walk along the wall we headed into the town and had a mooch around a church before heading to lunch in a square that just captured the sun. But I will tell you more about the cafe another day, as it was so good we went twice!
For now I will leave you with a lovely quote that was painted on the outside...

Love Em 


  1. I always look forward to your posts and it makes me so happy seeing them! beautiful photos and blog xx

    1. Aww thank you! Your comment has meant so much to me :) It is so nice to hear people actually read it and look forward to it :) thank you! :) xx