Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tandragee Fort.

After a fun filled night in Omagh the next day we needed to head to Derry to meet back up with my boyfriends parents and head back to that little sun catching square I told you about...

As you probably already know (from my previous posts) I really loved this café! The spot was perfect, especially with the weather being so beautifully sunny. 
The food is also delicious...

So delicious in fact that when I received it I ate it so quickly that I forgot to take a photo (I'm a useless blogger I know). But here is an after shot, because I am so good to you...

If you would like to know... 
it was a seafood chowder from the early bird menu and it was delicious!
If you are visiting Derry I would definitely recommend a trip here.
The café is called Café Del Mondo and it is located in Derry's 19th century craft village.

Afterwards, we had a wander around the shops for the rest of the afternoon before heading home in time for tea. 

When we arrived back in Feeny it was such a beautiful and warm night that me and my man decided to go on a walk together and I am so glad we did! 
People often shrug off the idea of going on a walk and forget how enjoyable it can be, but with a view like this, how can you not want to explore it?

Our original idea was to simply walk to the local shop and treat ourselves to something sweet, but I spotted a twister ice lolly hiding in the freezer and could not resist!

My love affair with twisters goes back a long time!

As we strolled back to the house (with a very large grin on my face!) we noticed a sign pointing us in the direction to Tandragee Fort.
What's that I hear you ask?
We had no idea either and headed towards it to investigate

The walk there was only a short distance, which was probably a good thing as the sun was starting to set. But along the way this fallen tree really caught my eye...

It somehow seemed so magical to me.
Like it belonged in Guillermo del Toro's film Pan's Labyrinth.
But that may be just my imagination running away with me again (it has a tendency to do that every so often).

When we reached the top of the hill we were rather upset to not find a single fort.
However, we did stumble across a sign that thankfully explained everything to us...

Want to read it to?
Oh go on then...

The sign highlighted were the fort used to be and that some of the stones still there would have been part of it.

But I just really enjoyed looking at the flowers...

We decided it was time to head home before it got dark, but the sheep had already decided they wanted us off their land and chased us away...

Love Em.


  1. Ah lovely photos :) It looks absolutely magical and it seems you had a great day!


    1. Thank you! :) I really did xx

  2. Very nice pictures!

  3. lovely pictures - sounds like you had a fab time! x

  4. It looks so pretty! Lovely post xo