Friday, 4 July 2014

Finn, Fi, Fo, Fum...

Once upon a time...

The legend of Giant's Causeway is a story of two Giants, one from Ireland called Finn and one from Scotland called Benandonner. Apparently, the Irish Giant challenged Benandonner to a battle and built the causeway across the channel so that they were able to meet, however Finn soon realised that his foe in Scotland is much larger than he is and so flees back to Ireland afraid and in need of a plan. 
Finn's wife decides to disguise him as a baby and tucks him into a cradle.
When Benandonner comes to see Finn he notices the size of the 'baby' and runs in fear back to Scotland, afraid that if Finn's baby was that large, then Finn must be a Giant amongst Giants and destroys the causeway as he flees. 

What we see when we visit this beautiful place is the remains...

We began the day with a long car journey and on arrival to Giant's Causeway we tucked into some delicious sandwiches and began our walk. 

The view throughout was breathtaking, so I apologise for the endless photos of scenery, but I just could not choose my favourites!

The path you can see in the pictures is the easy path to Giant's Causeway (as there are a variety of difficulties to choose from). We chose to go on the red path (which is one of the hardest), but I would say it is definitely worth it. 

The pointy section going furthest out to water is the causeway, but I will get back to that later...

Once we reached the top, and we took our couples photos, and we began the descent back down to see the Organ and the Chimney Stacks. 
I have to admit though,  I was holding onto this rail for dear life! 
It is a lot steeper than it looks (trust me!).

The Organ is the result of millions of years of weathering against the rock to reveal the hexagonal stone formations caused by a volcanic eruption long ago, and the results are amazing. 
I liked to think that once all the tourists had gone back home, Finn sneaks out from his hiding spot and plays it...

But after those steps, I was just grateful for somewhere to sit down...

Can you spot all the people?

After a few minutes trying to figure out where we were on the map, we then headed towards the Chimney Stacks. 
I was getting rather warm at this point (as the sun was boiling, although it may not look like it), so I loaded the Mr up and sent him on his way whilst I had a nice leisurely walk...

Along the way I noticed a footprint in the rock. I tried pressing it in the hope that it would open some secret door to Finn's hiding place...
but nothing happened! *sob*

But then in the distance I spotted the Chimney!
Do you think Finn was home?

Unfortunately, the path that gets you closer to the Chimney Stack is closed as a landslide destroyed it a few years ago. I am not sure if you go over the top you could get closer - the path we chose wouldn't allow it, but we didn't mind. 
We just turned around and headed towards the main event...

Some scientists decided to ruin the fun story about the Giants and explained the Causeway to be the result of intense volcanic activity. 
Personally I prefer the more exciting story, but either way, the Causeway is simply amazing!

Me and the Mr decided to walk as close to the sea as possible, and all I can say is that I am glad that there is someone there to stop you going too far out. 

My boyfriend had been here before when he was little and pre-warned me about the waves.
He told me that when he was little, he was exploring the Causeway and then a huge wave came and nearly took him into the sea.
Apparently it has happened to a few people (hence the man is there to keep you safe).

But I still tried to edge as close to I could...

Until I went running because I thought I was about to get soaked!

If you are planning on visiting Northern Ireland I would definitely recommend the Giant's Causeway and if you are a member of the National Trust make sure you bring your membership as you are allowed into the tourist centre (and allowed to park) for free!
Yeah you heard me, I said that magical word... FREE!

After a long day we headed to a local village and all got a drink and some ice cream and watched the sun set.

This was honestly such a brilliant day!
Are you planning on going to Ireland over the Summer?
Are you like me and prefer the story of the Giants?

Love Em

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