Thursday, 18 September 2014

Northern Blogger Meet Up.

I recently went to my first blogger meet up, and  have to admit, I was so nervous!

I spent the days leading up to it constantly checking my twitter feed for more information and to see who was going and planning my outfit.
The night before I finally chose to wear my asos playsuit (which I have recently completely fell in love with!), finished my business cards and slipped into bed for an early night. 

I honestly do not know what I was so nervous about! 
I met up with Lauren and we headed to the meetup together and walked into a room filled with smiling faces and lovely people.

We picked our seats and then headed straight to the bar to warm ourselves up with a good cup of coffee, or hot chocolate in Lauren's case. 

We then proceeded to meet new people and peruse through the menu that Eten Café offered and obviously I went for the pulled pork burger.
(even though i pretended to debate other options for a while)

And that was when the goodie bags from lush arrived in their bulk...

The smell from the bags filled the room with a wonderful perfume fragrance, but all I could smell was the pulled pork burger that was suddenly placed in front of me.

But, I always promised to tell my true opinions on my blog and I must admit that the burger wasn't great.
I'm not sure if I had just caught them on a bad day, so please don't let me put you off, but it wasn't the nicest pulled pork burger I have had in Sheffield.
But the staff were lovely!

Anyway, whilst I was filling my rumbling belly the lovely people from Lush began to teach us about their company and the amazing products they have to offer.
I have to admit, I didn't realise just how much this company does for charity, and not just one either.
They rotate their charities and even let the public in their area put forward suggestions of charities that are close to them and in need of help.

All the products are all homemade and if you have a little look on the back of every product there will be a little cartoon face of the person who made it.
Cool right?
Or is that just me?

A big bowl of water was on every table and we were given two bath bombs to test.
Number one was soon dropped in and the smell was lovely and I wish I could have just dropped one in my bath and jumped in.

Then number two was submerged into the murky water and another wonderful smell filled our noses.
I was very pleased to find one in my little goodie bag, I will definitely make the most of it!

We all watched them in fascination as they taught us more and more about their company.

The organisers even decided to give some money that we had raised during the meet up to them to put towards one of their charities.

Just before they packed up they introduced us to their new spa experiences they have on offer in Leeds at the moment.
They are a little on the pricey side, (well for a student) but I am told they are more than worth the money and more information is available on their website.

After Lush had left we were all given a box of Tiny Tea which I am so excited to try!

We were then told to find our raffle tickets as the draw was about to begin.

I won this wonderful little pot of über balm.

I was so excited to try this little pot, but when I got home and tried it over a few days and nights I found it dried my skin out.
To the point where my skin became rather sore.
I am not sure if it was just a reaction with my eczema and my skin is just crazy sensitive, but I have had to stop using this product.

As we waited for Benefit to arrive, I have a little mooch at some nail polishes that were available to buy.
The colours were so lovely and well made, but I have so many polishes that I bought the cuticle oil instead.
It is so lovely, and smells amazing!

That is when the little pink bags began to fill the room and our excitement began to rise as we debated what we would find beneath the pink tissue.

We were not disappointed.
Astonished actually.

Hidden beneath the layers of pink tissue were their new mascara and eyeliner, and they weren't just samples! 
They were the full size products!

The ladies then began to set up their demonstration table and began to tell us about how benefit began...

After the little talk they proceeded to do a full makeover on one of the organisers.
Every product they used, they then passed round the product so we could feel and test it out for ourselves.

They then taught us how to use the goodies that they had given us in our bags.

As well as give us a sneak preview of their new cream blush that has only just come out!

This product is lovely and smells like peaches!

Unfortunately the talk ran over slightly, leaving me to leave in a rush so that I could make it to work on time.
But before rushing of to work as soon as I got home i emptied the goodie bag onto my bed and looked at all the amazing products I had received.

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies who organised the Northern Blogger Meet Up!
I had such an amazing day and I cannot wait to hopefully see you all again!

Have you guys ever been to a meet up?
Have you noticed the cartoon characters on the lush products?

Love Em

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a great event :D I've never been to a meet up before but I'd probably be nervous too! Glad you had a great time, it looks so cool!