Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Celebrations in Couch.

After such a busy weekend full of amazing food and flowing alcohol, I wanted to spend my actual birthday in a more relaxing way.
But I still wanted good food...
Who doesn't, right?

So I decided that instead of just relaxing on the couch, I would head over to Couch and have my meal cooked for me...

Once we arrived and told the lovely waitress what we were all going to fill our stomachs with, my housemates (to my surprise) emptied their bags with cards and presents, all addressed to me...

I have a slight obsession with nautical themed items and one of my housemates had hidden two very charming postcards inside my card, which I completely love!

I was then handed two presents wrapped in some lovely striped paper.
It isn't just me who appreciates nice wrapping paper and pretty cards is it?

To everyones annoyance, and by everyone, I mean I mean it, I slowly peeled off every piece of sellotape before revealing my amazing present.
 My entire family is aggravated by how long I take to unwrap presents, but I have always done it, I find that it adds to the excitement. 

I was certainly happy to discover that the striped paper was hiding a glorious M.A.C red lipstick

I was so pleased!
I love wearing red lipstick, I feel like it's the perfect finishing touch to transform any look from day to night, and this one sits so perfectly.
I couldn't wait to glide it on.

Then I began peeling away at present number two. 
I was so grateful that my friends had got me one present, I certainly didn't need two!
But as the wrapping revealed a pandora bag, I have to admit, my excitement grew.

Inside the bag, was another little bag...

And inside that little bag was a beautiful seahorse pendant.
(I told you I love nautical theme items)

I was so surprised and pleased with my wonderful gifts, and the effort everyone had put into making my birthday so special, that I could not stop thanking them!

That was when Sam revealed she had another little surprise for me...

I wonder what it could be...

Bowls of course!
You see, I have a habit of constantly asking if I can borrow one of her bowls to make my porridge in, (I somehow never thought of buying my own), so for my birthday she presented me with not one, but two!

Just before the food arrived we decided to get in a couple of group photos. 
This is our final year together, and so we agreed that at every opportunity we would try and get a good photo of us. 
So I felt that my birthday was a perfect opportunity.

Lauren also revealed that she had booked me and her a table at a local hotel for afternoon tea, which I am so excited to tell you all about!

I was well and truly spoilt rotten.

The food was also delicious!
I decided to go for the pulled pork baguette, and I was so glad I did.
It was full of flavour and just the perfect size.

Afterwards, me and the Mr headed back to the house to pack up the last of our things before we jumped on a train to Manchester. 
We met my dad and headed to my boyfriends house, ready for some more celebrations.
I was greeted by some banners across the door saying 'Happy 21st Birthday' and a house full of decorations.
His mum had also made a lovely meal for us, which was accompanied by a couple of glasses of Prosecco. 

Thank you to everyone who made my 21st birthday so unforgettable, and for all the amazing gifts I received!
I am so lucky to have you all. 

Now it was time to jump on a plane, and let the celebrations continue for just a little bit longer...

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