Saturday, 22 November 2014

Food, more food and the Police...

Well October has officially been my birthday month, and it has been a hectic, but amazing one...

I have finally turned 21 and I have to begin this post by saying thank you to my amazing friends and family, who have certainly made it one to remember.

The celebrations began with the flow of cocktails, in Manchester, at an amazing restaurant called Saporro.

Saporro is a Teppanyaki restaurant, so they cook your meal on a hot plate in front of you.
The meal is very interactive, and they do a lot of tricks to keep you entertained and laughing throughout the night.
I decided this would be a perfect place to celebrate my 21st as not only is the food excellent, the cocktails are delicious and the entertainment would keep my eight year old sister happy, as it meant she didn't have to sit bored throughout a three course meal.

I am not going to reveal too much about the meal, as part of the experience is not knowing what the skilled chef's are going to do next...

But just so you know, I caught the potato in one!
(If you have been, or decide to go, you will understand)

Throughout the meal your plate is constantly topped up with amazing food.
If you have quite a small stomach, I would say that you don't need to have a starter, just go straight for the mains.
There is more than enough food, trust me!

The best part though, was just being able to celebrate with my mum.
We spent the entire night in fits of giggles...

Even my nana said she hadn't experienced a meal like it, and enjoyed herself so much, that she would come back again and again.

( Top, Skirt: now in the sale!!, Heels )

If you do decide to go (and please let me know if you do!) I have to recommend the chocolate spring rolls!
Hot melted chocolate wrapped in a crispy roll, with ice cream...

After drinking one too many cocktails, and eating more than my fair share of the chocolate rolls me and the Mr hopped onto the last train home to see my dad.
Ready for some more celebrations the next day...

My brother is lucky enough to live in London, which unfortunately for me, means that I don't get to see him very often. But as it was my birthday, he came down for the weekend to visit my dad, who had booked us all a table at Hipping Hall.

As you will see, the food here is excellent!
But I mainly enjoyed catching up and laughing with my brother...

The restaurant has such a relaxed atmosphere.
You are welcomed and brought into a lounge area where you peruse through the menu and decide on what drinks you would like.

Once you have decided and the lovely staff take your order, you are left to relax and enjoy your drinks in the lounge until your food is ready and you are escorted to the table.

Our meal began with a soft shell crab Amuse-bouche.

And it was delicious.
I am completely obsessed with seafood, and this was the perfect little mouthful to get me ready for the amazing food to follow.

But, before we proceed with the photos, I have a confession to make...
I was a rubbish blogger and completely forgot what I had.

But lucky for you, the menu is constantly changing, so it probably won't be on the menu anyway...
( or unlucky for you, because every mouthful was amazing! )

Starter was a small bird with roasted sweetcorn...
( I did warn you that I have forgotten the menu)

For main, I had the duck and beetroot, which was cooked to perfection.

And for dessert I had a plate full of chocolatey goodness with a hint of lavender...

Afterwards, we were escorted back into the lounge for after dinner tea and coffee, where I was greeted by a lovely little selection of chocolates...

After an incredible meal, we were once again whisked off to the train station to head back to Sheffield in time for my birthday party.

It felt like the only time we had chance to 'paws for a refresh' was on the train...

We woke up just as the train was pulling into Sheffield, grabbed our bags and quickly jumped off before it pulled away, heading for its final destination.

The theme of my party was cops and robbers, and my housemates put so much effort into decorating the house- Thank you!

They even created a height chart, so that guests could create the perfect mug shot.

I think the photos will demonstrate what a fantastic night I had, and I was so grateful to spend it with such amazing people...

This was the final shot before the camera was forgotten and we headed out into the night to continue the celebrations.

Then it was just time to wait for my actual birthday to arrive and begin packing for one of the most amazing holidays yet...

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