Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Joking around in Chelsea Market...

We heard that the Chelsea Market was amazing, and we thought it would be the perfect way to spend our final day in New York...

Now that is a sign I like the look of.

The Market is full of shops filled with goods, from fresh fish, to wine vaults, macaroon stalls and trinket stands. 

We wandered around and found the perfect selection of gifts and treats for ourselves.

The cakes looked simply amazing in this little shop...

But I just had to settle for one of these amazing cupcakes instead...
I didn't think I could justify having that amount of icing all to myself.

After the cake shop we found a little gem full of our favourite food.

It had everything...

It even had places that you could sit and order champagne and eat as much seafood as you liked.

Everything just looked so fresh and delicious.

We just fell in love with the place, and enjoyed relaxing and strolling around. 

The pumpkin carvings that were on sale were phenomenal. 
I am definitely going to try and recreate one next Halloween, (but I probably won't be very successful.)

Maybe I could do this bat one?

After the market we climbed onto The Highline.

The Highline is one of my favourite pieces of New York. 
It's located on Manhattan's West Side and runs from the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street and is something that I would definitely recommend everyone to do. 
It's amazing. 
They have transformed a historic freight rail line that is elevated above the streets into a public park and the result is this beautiful tranquil place full of hidden gems.

There is a variety of seating areas where you can find people losing themselves in a good book, or simply sitting back and watching the world rush by.

The walk is just beautiful 

My dad and I enjoyed making stupid shapes with our shadows and taking pictures. 
We were laughing for hours over some of the images, and we certainly got some funny looks doing it.

Sections of the park still contain the tracks that the freight used to run on.

There are fantastic pieces of art round every corner...

After The Highline we strolled back into Chelsea Market, grabbed a tub of fresh crab, a freshly baked french baguette and a bottle of Prosecco and tucked in whilst watching the world pass by. 
Could you ask for a better lunch?

The rest of the day was spent casually strolling around New York and buying more gifts for people at home. 
I didn't want to think about even leaving New York the next day.

Would you guys have bought one of the big cakes, or settled for a cupcake like me?

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